Unexpected Company

For a party it sure was dull. Then again it was a cocktail party and not even one with tons of booze. I was here to support my friend as she hosted her coworkers, clients and other friends. There were plenty of couples being overly friendly and I even saw a woman giving a guy […]

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Gone Shopping

It had been a terrible week. Stressed, over-worked, and just miserable. I took a walk after work to clear my head and attempt to decompress. I had some shopping in mind. I went into one of my favorite boutiques to look at some custom painted t-shirts.The little bell above the door jingled and the owner […]

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The Birthday Present

I tried not to notice my friend rubbing her boyfriends bulge. It was hard not to notice since I was sitting beside them in the booth. Two more friends sat across the way laughing and telling a silly story about catching co-workers giving head in the stairwell.I wanted to move but I was trapped between […]

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It had been such a long damned day. A three-hour flight sandwiched by an hour drive and four hours at the airport. My sister Brenda was getting married and I wouldn’t miss it of course, despite her and her fiancée being the most boring people on the planet.I was tired and horny from reading erotica […]

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Moonlight Neighbor

I rolled over and sighed. I could feel my slick folds slipping as I moved. I was horny, alone and bored of fingering myself. Well not really, but it didn’t seem to be enough. I got out of bed and crept downstairs to get a glass of water and go sit in the backyard. As […]

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Pop Goes My…

I came down the steps barefoot and in my bikini. My friend Alexis Texas’ beach house was huge. She was off in town with her fiancée picking up more drinks, snacks and food for the week. That and car sex. She has a huge itch for car sex, especially in broad daylight. The others would […]

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Kindle Time

I set my kindle down and closed my eyes. The delicious sexy images from the words I just read roared through me. Being aroused is fun and I loved the feeling. The glorious heat that creeps through my body, the tingles and flashes of pleasure. Anticipation beating a steady rhythm in my ears as my […]

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