Gone Shopping

It had been a terrible week. Stressed, over-worked, and just miserable. I took a walk after work to clear my head and attempt to decompress. I had some shopping in mind. I went into one of my favorite boutiques to look at some custom painted t-shirts.The little bell above the door jingled and the owner slash artist named Theo looked up from his book. I’d seen him a couple of times before. Very attractive with jet black hair and pale honey brown eyes. He smiled and nodded and I returned the gesture. I was one of those types of girls that crush easily but never have the nerve to act upon any impulses. I’d love to act on him that’s for sure. I watched him go back to his book and I moved closer to the rack of tight women’s shirts. A woman and a man went off to the nearby change-room with a few items to try on.

As I started looking through them I heard a giggle as I perused. The giggles turned into the distinct sounds of serious foreplay if not sex. Theo looked up at me then in the direction of the change-rooms. My cheeks flushed as the sounds became undeniably the sounds of sex.

I turned to look in the direction of the change rooms and the man was seated on the waiting bench outside the rooms and the woman was riding him as he fondled her tits. The sudden rush of arousal between my legs went into overdrive. I had no idea that would turn me on.

I was as transfixed as Theo was. We both watched the woman moan and ride her man’s thick cock. The man opened his eyes to see us both watching and that must have tipped him over.

“Baby I’m going to blow.” He said looking right at me.

I’ve never wanted to be someone else before in my life, but I wanted to be that woman.

The woman began grinding into the man as she cried out. The surges of desire deep within me made me breathe slow and shallow. Holy shit I was super horny.

Without a word, the couple righted their clothes took the four shirts to Theo, paid cash for them and left.

I didn’t need to try my shirt on, I know the size. I walked over to Theo feeling shy and still flushed from the performance. A naughty glance suggested he was just as affected as I am.

I glanced over at the door. “That was… spontaneous.”

“They’ve done it before,” Theo said and tried to act nonchalant.

“And you let them?”

“They usually wait till closing and are more discrete.”

“I wish I was that brave,” I said it before thinking and Theo raised his eyebrow at me.  “I mean, um…”

Theo looked me from head to toe and back. He stood up and his tented trousers were undeniably obvious and a huge turn on. I became quickly aroused all over again.

With a smile, he asked, “I know what you do for living, Eva. How about a thick eleven inch?”

I badly wanted to. “Um…” I didn’t know he knew my name. He must have heard my friend call me by name months ago when we were Christmas shopping for her sister.

I bit my bottom lip and nodded. This was so naughty I was becoming revved up fast. Theo locked the door, walked over and grabbed my shirt and ripped it open.

“Oh, you’re so sexy,” he remarked.

It’s a good thing I chose to wear my push-up bra today, which made my normally huge breasts look enormous in the black lace. 

It was crazy and unexpected and I was his to do with as he pleased. I was blinded by pleasure as he slowly worked my bra off, sucked one tit and roughly fondled the other. He lifted my ever so sensible gray office appropriate skirt to bunch at my waist and then lifted me to sit on the low counter.

I took his ever-growing bulge in my hand and couldn’t restrain myself from undoing his pants and pulling his underpants down. Even I was surprise by the amazing length. This was going to be great. 

“You’re so big,” was all I could manage. 

He pulled me into a deep and sensual kiss while pulling my panties to the side. 

As his tongue touched mine I felt him against my lower lips, slowly pushing in. I moaned my involuntary approval as he filled my space and seemed to stretch every area. He began a fast and hard pace and slammed into me every time. I was wet and hot and already close.  I grabbed at his shoulders as my body became desperate and finally detonated with pleasure. I closed my eyes and moaned as an orgasm rocked my body. 

“Oh wow,” Theo remarked at the immense amount of liquid spilling. 

I like to be in control, and this isn’t it, so I pushed him away, grabbed his shirt, roughly yanked it off, and embraced him in a hard kiss. I took him by the hand to a seating area, and without saying a word, knelt down on a couch, with my irresistible ass facing him. 

“Please fuck me. Hard.” I said, ever so seductively.

He didn’t need any more. He ran his hands over my thick ass before managing to fill me with a little more than 3/4 of his cock. He pulled out and in over and over, making my ass clap every time. It felt sensational, he was in every part of me, cramming every place, and making me cum about every minute. 

*clap* *clap* *clap* was all I heard through my loud moans and juicy orgasms. 

After a few more thrusts that rocked another orgasm, Theo pulled out, flipped me over, and came a ginormous load on my breasts. 

I wasn’t about to be finished with that cock, though. Without warning, I pushed him back-down on the couch and mounted his decreasing size. Even after orgasm, it was still at least 8 inches. I straddled his cock with my southern lips and sank down in immense pleasure. After bouncing a few times, I clenched and came hard. I was weak with the orgasm and fell on his chest as he adored my breasts.

I was still reeling from the raging hormones as he took the torn shirt from the floor  and re-clasped my bra in place.
“Here.” He smiled and held out the shirt I was going to buy. I let him help me dress and he ran his hands over my breasts and straightened out the material. “It fits you perfectly.”

“I love the blues and grays,” I said watching his hands settle on my hips.

“Sooo.” He said with a quirky smile. “I’d like to take you home.”

I nodded my head and looked up at him through my lashes.

“Goddam I love how shy you are.”

When he kissed me this time it was tender and melted my heart as much as it did my panties. We embraced and I could still feel his length against my belly.

Theo was a keeper.