Pop Goes My…

I came down the steps barefoot and in my bikini. My friend Alexis Texas’ beach house was huge. She was off in town with her fiancée picking up more drinks, snacks and food for the week. That and car sex. She has a huge itch for car sex, especially in broad daylight.

The others would be here later and I decided to dip my toes in the ocean. I rounded the corner to the bright open kitchen with large bay windows and French doors leading to the deck. Alexis’ older brother Gord was in his swim trunks drinking a bottle of Cherry Coke. I’ve known him for years and I was very attracted to him physically, but that’s where it stopped. My eyes grazed his bare chest and flowed down to the little muscular V that disappeared under the waistband of his shorts.

“Get a good look Eva?”

“Yup.” I smiled and made my way back up to his eyes. “Did you?”

“Nope.” He shrugged and leered at my breasts.

If we weren’t alone I would never have done this. I pulled the fabric of my top down and my breasts sprung free.

“How bout now?” I covered them after a three-second count and laughed as his face went red. I laughed again and went to the glass doors and looked back at him. Swim trunks do not hide erections well. To my surprise, seeing his prominent bulge turned me on.

“Shit Lana you better behave. That kind of behavior will get you in trouble. You’re too vanilla to be slutty.”

“Am I?” I crossed my arms pushing my breasts up nicely.

Gord rolled his eyes and adjusted himself. “I bet at twenty you’re still a virgin.”

I was and hated it. Once I passed nineteen, guys found it a turn off for some reason. I was a late bloomer and only really started getting horny this past year. Boyfriends were an afterthought and I was so squeamish about actually having sex.

“Holy shit you are.”

“Shut up.” I turned and he grabbed my arm.

“Why are you? I mean you’re annoying as fuck but you’re sexy as hell.”

It pissed me off and I shoved him away. “Because.” I looked at him angrily. “If you must know the last boyfriend found out and said, and I quote, no way that’s too much responsibility.”

Gord nodded and looked at my breasts again. “That’s because they figure you get all weird and clingy. Most virgins do.”

“Oh? And you know this from experience?”

“Plenty. I can pop it if you want.”

My insides came alive and started tingling. I envisioned him naked, between my legs and liked the idea… too much. Suddenly I wanted him to. I wanted to feel sex, to know what the big deal is. I didn’t want to be a virgin anymore.

“Just like that?” I narrowed my eyes and saw that he was still fully erect behind his swim shorts and I could hear my pulse in my ears.

“Why not? I don’t particularly like you, but I’d fuck you.”

“Flattering.” I feigned offense. The truth was I felt the same way.

He shrugged and pulled his big hard cock out. My mouth went dry and my chest tightened. “I’m going upstairs to rub this out and think about your virgin pussy while I do. If you want, your first dick orgasm and your problem solved come up with me. Two birds with one stone.”

What was I supposed to do? I was more turned on by the sight of his hard on than I’ve ever been. My legs carried me up the stairs behind him. My mind was suggesting I turn around, my pussy said otherwise.
When I followed him into his room, he closed the door and dropped his shorts completely. I stared at his hand stroking his hard flesh. He stopped, grabbed a dark blue towel and spread it on the bed.

He put his hand behind my neck and kissed me softly. The kind of kiss you expect from a boyfriend or someone who loves you. Not Gord who teases and makes fun. I opened my mouth when he did and he pulled me closer to him. The heat from his body sparked my own heat.

The hammering in my chest and between my legs added to my excited nervous stated. Was I really going to do this? Now? The silky skin of his hard erection pressed against my flat stomach and he moved it ever so slightly as his tongue drove into my mouth and I lost knee function. Holy shit can this man kiss. I could do just this for hours, except I wanted more, something more. I wanted to get closer than this. I wanted to feel him inside me.
Gord stopped the kiss and undid the straps of my bikini. He was breathing hard and moved his hands over my breasts. He went back to kissing me as his hands roamed my breasts and then over my back to my ass. He backed off again.

“Take off the bikini bottoms and lay down Eva.”

“Um…” I removed my bikini and climbed onto the small bed.

“Are you on the pill?”


“Good to know. I’m clean but you don’t know that. Unless you’re with the same person and trust them and have been tested, wrap it.”

“I’m a virgin not a complete moron Gord.” My giggle was straight up nervousness.

“Since you’re nervous as hell I won’t ask for oral.”

This was happening; I was finally going to have sex. Did I want it to be better than this? Did I want it to be with someone I actually liked? Yes to both questions, but so far, that wasn’t happening and I wasn’t so sure I didn’t like Gord. He and Alexis were close and we hang out all the time. We pick on each other and are often mean, but in a friendly way.

He grinned and knelt on the bed between my legs. “Holy shit, you are nervous.” He ran his hands up my legs to my stomach and up to my breasts. His erection rested on my sex as he began fondling my breasts.

“Just get it over with.” I frowned as his lips fell to my breast and his tongue circled my nipple before he sucked it into his mouth. “Oh.”

I’ve had guys do this, but not with so much force. I was instantly horny. He pinched the other nipple hard as his mouth went to town on my other. His free hand went down between my legs. His mouth came free of my breast with a pop.

“Not bad, but you need to be warmed up so it doesn’t hurt as much.”

“How do you kn…” I gasped as his fingers slipped down between my hot folds.

“Have you been fingered?”

“Yes.” It came out so breathy. No wonder I sounded like a sex kitten… this felt amazing. I was wiggling my hips as he rubbed my clit.

“Close your eyes Eva.”

He rubbed my clit until I could stand the pleasure no more and I grit my teeth and stifled my cry.
“Oh no, if you’re going to orgasm you should let it all out Lana. It’s better, and guys love it.”

I panted as he slipped a finger inside me. It was so much more fun when it wasn’t my own finger.

“Trust me. I’ve learned a thing or two.” He slipped the second finger in with the first when he said ‘two’.

“Ugh you sound so slutty Gord.”

“Experienced is the word Eva. You should be grateful; I could just ram it in and get it over with as you put it.” He stroked until the sound became wet and I felt the tension slipping away.

I was moving my hips again and aching for more. I was ready.

“Will you?”

He pulled his fingers out and lowered his mouth. I was not prepared for him to lick me and I semi sat up.

“What are… Oh… Oh shit.” I flopped back down and gripped the sheets as his tongue slipped from my opening up to my clit and back down, plunging deep then back out and up.

I bucked my hips up and he moaned as he moved over me. “Eva you taste fantastic.” He lowered his mouth to mine and I was not expecting to a, like the taste or b, like kissing him as much as I do. I was so turned on and so horny I was beside myself.

I whimpered into his mouth as his tongue met with mine. I felt a soft firmness at my opening and when he pushed in slowly, my eyes flew open, I tensed and my hymen stopped him.

“Relax. It won’t hurt for long.” He smiled and with one fast push, he tore the thin membrane.

“Ow, ow, ow.” I felt tears prick my eyes as the burning pain made me want to get away.

“Shh.” He kissed my tears and held still inside me.

Gradually the pain faded. Slowly the tingling urgency of need started to come back and I could feel the fullness of him in me.
“Oh my God.” I smiled. “Oh Gord this feels good. Oh I like how you feel inside me.”

“There see? It’s nothing to fear. Ready?”

I nodded feeling him pull out. “Oh.”  I felt him push back in stretching me wide. “Oh, that’s… That’s…” My eyes fluttered.

He repeated the process and I was lost in sensation. I wanted to try other positions, but was too happy to move or talk. I’ve masturbated and I’ve had orgasms from men fingering me, but this? This was by far better.

“You’re too tight.” He panted as he moved faster.

“I think I’m…” I gripped the sheets as he slammed into me. “Oh wow. Yes I’m going to…” I closed my eyes and my body clenched him hard as the orgasm came in short fast bursts of pleasure. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh…”

“Holy fuck! Arrgh, ahh.” Gord made a nearly angry face as he came then collapsed on me. I loved this sensation of being pressed by his hot sweaty body. He rolled off and sat up after taking what felt like a glorious forever. “I’ve had virgin pussy many times, but you were by far the best ever. Of any actually.”

“Huh.” I sat up. “Thanks. For the complement and not hurting me. Not really.”

He shrugged. “Sex is better if you’re hot and ready. Use the towel before you get up. Congrats Eva you’re cherry free.”

I looked and saw a decent amount of blood understanding now why they called it a cherry. I got up, grabbed my bikini, went to the bathroom and dressed. I felt amazing, giddy and light. Aside from the slight discomfort between my legs, I was fine. More than fine, I was free of my weird burden. Now I had to face Alexis. Would she be pissed that I had sex with her brother? Panic crept into my guts and made a lovely nest there.

I came back down the stairs to see Gord and Alexis’ boyfriend Jim at the table eating pizza. Tara had half empty grocery bags at her feet and looked up as I came into the room.

“Wait a second.” She grinned at me. “You had sex.”

Even if I could lie about it, my face already told her the truth by turning bright red.

“Yay!” She ran over and hugged me. “It’s about time. It’s fun right?”

“Nice.” Jim said with a laugh.
I adore Jim, he’s super nice and treats Alexis like a queen. He loves her too much and when he proposed it was epic. They get along in a weirdly perfect way. He was funny and easy to hang out with.

I looked down at the floor. “Um…”

“Oh I already figured it was Gord.”

The two at the table high-fived.
My face hurt it was so red, I glanced at Gord and Jim. They both looked overly pleased with themselves. Gord winked at me.

“My brother’s had a hard crush on you for years and I figured if I left you two alone enough this week it would happen.”

“And you’re okay with that?” I asked her wide-eyed and mortified.

“Hell yes I’m okay with you two. I planned it.” She laughed. “You think you hate each other, but you don’t. Kudos Gord for not taking for-freaking-ever.”

Alexis and Gord are close siblings; they actually get along and often hang out. It never occurred to me that she would be okay with what happened. She went back to packing the fridge.

I glanced over at the table. Jim was watching Alexis’ ass as she bent to pick up packages. Gord got up from the table, half smiled at me, leered and then laughed at Jim adjusting his bulge.

“This is going to be a great week, I’m glad the others cancelled.” Gord held his hand out to me. “Let’s go for a walk.”

 I took it and walked with him out to the beach. We made it all the way to the water before Gord turned to face me. “I’d like it if you got all weird and clingy Eva.” He brushed my hair behind my ear and pulled me into a deeply arousing kiss. I think I’d like it too.