The Birthday Present

I tried not to notice my friend rubbing her boyfriends bulge. It was hard not to notice since I was sitting beside them in the booth. Two more friends sat across the way laughing and telling a silly story about catching co-workers giving head in the stairwell.I wanted to move but I was trapped between the wall and Liam who shifted under Poly’s hand. I was getting turned on and was about to ask them to let me out when Liam shifted closer to me and Poly quietly opened his fly.

We were here for Liam’s birthday and Poly told me she was going to give him what he always wanted. I figured it was a hand-job in public or maybe oral. I know he likes to be watched, she told me that in confidence. I also know the idea of seeing her get him off was on my bucket list. Not them specifically but anyone.

Poly looked at me and mouthed the word please. I nodded and took my new drink from the waitress. “Thanks.” I knew what Poly wanted me to do. She wanted me to stay and watch. Liam pressed his thigh to mine and I felt my pulse quicken.

Nina was in full storytelling mode and she was good at it. Poly leaned forward with one elbow on the table as she pulled Liam out of his pants. She glanced at me with a hopeful look and I smiled and sipped my drink slowly.

The two across the table wouldn’t be able to see since the tables were wide and high in the booth. I laughed at Nina’s story and looked down at my cellphone in hand to covertly watch Poly stroking Liam. She paused a moment and took his hand in hers. Looking at me asking for permission with her eyes she set Liam’s hand on my bare thigh.

I licked my lips and tilted my head as if listening to Nina. Poly pressed his hand between my thighs and I opened for them. Why not? I know them both and it was Liam’s birthday. Not to mention he’s hot and I’m sufficiently horny.

Poly put her hand back on Liam’s throbbing shaft and resumed rubbing. She asked Fred a question sending him off on a story as she stroked. Liam’s hand crept up my legs and I gave him access. I didn’t expect him to actually do anything. I was wrong. He tugged my panties out of the way and rubbed my naked pussy lips.

“So Liam did you get what you wanted for your birthday?” Fred asked.

“Yes.” Liam said and pushed his middle and index finger into my wet hole. He worked me slowly as not to draw attention. Poly’s cheeks flushed as she gently massaged Liam’s balls.

“We’re going dancing, you coming?” Nina asked from across the table.

“Not yet.” Liam said. “You two go ahead.”

They looked at me and I picked up my drink. “I want to finish this first.” Oh my God I needed to finish this.

“Suit yourselves.” Nina grabbed Fred’s hand and dragged him off to the dance floor.

The moment they were gone Poly straddled Liam and took him in. She began rocking her hips and he began fingering me deeper and rougher.

“I’m too horny to last.” Poly said and shuddered with orgasm.

“I’m not done yet.” Liam said as poly got off of him.

“Oh I know that.” Poly said and looked at me as Liam kept slipping his fingers in and out. “Ride him.”

“I don’t know…” I wanted to, I looked at his slick cock and I ached to feel it inside me. I know they’re both clean and I’m on the pill.

“Babe really?”

“Yeah happy birthday, you’ve been lusting after her forever and I want to see her fuck you.” She reached over him and pulled my right hand forcing me to move. Liam pulled his hand out and I straddled him with her rough guidance.

“Please do this for us.” Poly said and grabbed Liam in her hands and brought the tip to my southern lips.

She moved his tip through my folds and when she had it lined up her other hand pulled the back of my skirt forcing me down. By force I mean I let her do it.

“Oh shit.” I said as he filled me. I’ve never had unprotected sex and wouldn’t have if I didn’t trust them completely.

“She’s tight.” Liam said as I sunk to his base.

“Kiss her.” Poly said and Liam pulled my face to his. He didnt waste time on awkwardness and pressed his tongue into my mouth as I began rocking my hips. It was incredible. I felt his hand between us and the fingers searched for my clit. I moaned when he began rubbing.

“I’m coming.” Liam said and my clit was rubbed harder. I tipped over the edge and climaxed hard.

I opened my eyes as my body jerked with pleasure to see Poly pull her hand away from my clit.

“Can I bring my birthday present home babe?” Liam asked as I moved off.

“Can he?” Poly asked me as she stuck her finger in her mouth to lick my juice from it.


Poly made begging hands at me. “We’ll make you come over and over until you cant take it and fall asleep. Then we’ll wake you and do it all day tomorrow.” Poly said. “I want to watch him fill you up.”

While the idea wasn’t what I would normally go for yet it wasn’t repulsive. I felt a stir below and wondered what it would be like to have her touch me or to touch her.

Poly leaned forward and. “Then I want to lick and suck it out of your sexy little pussy.”

I pressed my legs together as I became flushed with need. “It would be rude to take away your birthday present.” I said to Liam.

Poly got up. “Then we need to go now.”

I didn’t question them as Poly and Liam dragged me from the club after saying goodbye to our friends.

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