It had been such a long damned day. A three-hour flight sandwiched by an hour drive and four hours at the airport. My sister Brenda was getting married and I wouldn’t miss it of course, despite her and her fiancée being the most boring people on the planet.I was tired and horny from reading erotica on the flight and having the Groomsman Len flirt with me all night. I was headed to my room to finger myself.

My room was in the west side of the over-sized house where most of the guests were staying. My sister was marrying a grossly rich man with a twenty bedroom house. I joked that they had a lot of work to do to fill the rooms and she calmly told me that children are not in the plan yet. She was a planner that’s for sure.

The rooms were full of the groom’s friends and family, most of whom I don’t know. I did meet them earlier at dinner. I came up the stairs and heard the distinct sounds of sex to my right. Curiosity and a tingling pussy made me look. I glanced around the corner near a sitting window to see the grooms’ sister Olivia riding her fiancée Tailor like a porn pro.

My insides tightened as I tried to pull my eyes away from the sight of her tight pink pussy sucking in his large light brown shaft. I was too aroused to walk away. Zaps of pleasure shot from my right breast to my core. I realized it was because I was rubbing my nipple though my shirt.

She opened her eyes, smiled a lusty smile and leaned back to give me a better view. She lifted slowly pulling him entirely out then slowly taking him back in as she lowered.  She did it again and he opened his eyes. He smiled a sexy lust addled smile and began fondling her breasts.

“I was beginning to think you wouldn’t find us.” He said and began thrusting upwards into her as she squealed with delight. “We waited for everyone to go to bed.”

“I knew you’d be last up; Brenda said you were always last… Oh watch me cum on him, Eva, please.”

I didn’t have a choice.  They were both so sexy and I know if I stuck my hand in my panties I’d be slick. I’ve always wanted to watch people have sex, but it seems so wrong. Or seemed wrong. This didn’t seem wrong.

He let go of her milky white breasts and moved her to her knees to begin a steady fast stroke doggy-style. He spread her wide as I fondled my now exposed breasts and panted. I wanted to be her so badly right now. To feel him tugging and pulling at my insides. The idea that someone else might find us doing this made me wetter.

I leaned against the corner of the wall as he slammed into her.

“Do you want to see me come on her ass or watch it drip from her pussy.”

I pinched my nipples hard and rubbed my bared breasts. I was desperate for sex and I’ve always wanted to see a creampie for real. “Drip.” I said loud enough for him to hear.

“Oh, Eva, yes! I’m cumming.” Olivia said as she had a body shivering orgasm.

Taylor grunted and came. He lifted her leg and pulled out slowly. The viscous cum followed his tip out. It pooled at her opening and then dripped thickly from her hole to the floor. She tightened up and pushed more out.

“Oh…” I was blindingly horny. “That’s hot.”

“Please say you’ll watch us again tomorrow.” Olivia said as she straightened up. “We’ll never tell.”

Why would they? I wanted to watch them again and definitely would if they offered. I nodded my head, turned and hurried to my room. I closed the door behind me quietly, stripped my clothes off in record time and flung myself on the guest bed. I shoved two fingers deep into my scalding hole and fingered myself hard and fast.

“Oh… oh.” I closed my eyes tight as I came in less than fifteen seconds.

The visions of the cream-pie stirred me fast. I saw Olivia in my mind drop over his… “Mmm…” I wiggled my slippery fingers preparing for round two.

I heard the soft sound of something fall to the floor and opened my eyes to see the flirty groomsman, Len, that I met earlier. He stood buck naked, wet from a shower with a towel at his feet and large raging hard on.

I froze and looked around. It was the wrong room. It looked exactly like mine only opposite.

“Sorry Len. Ah… wrong room.” I squeaked and I pulled my wet hand out.

“Is it Eva?” He said as he approached and grabbed my wrist.

He raised our hands up, parted his lips and closed them over my shiny fingers. I moaned as he sucked and ran his tongue over and between the two digits. He pulled them out of his mouth slowly.

“I mean you can go, or I can lick you till you cum in my mouth.” He let my wrist go and climbed on the bed. “Then you can ride me till we both cum and when we wake up we can fuck before subjecting ourselves to a boring day of wedding crap.”

“Oh fuck yes.” I grabbed his head and pushed his face between my legs. As he licked and tongued my clit I smiled. “How do you feel about exhibitionism?”

“Fucking love it.” He said and went back to work.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be an epic weekend.