Moonlight Neighbor

I rolled over and sighed. I could feel my slick folds slipping as I moved. I was horny, alone and bored of fingering myself. Well not really, but it didn’t seem to be enough. I got out of bed and crept downstairs to get a glass of water and go sit in the backyard. As I passed my roommates room I could hear her and her boyfriend banging away. The sound of sex always made me horny.I stepped outside into the moonlight and rubbed a nipple as I sipped my water. I froze when I heard a noise from the yard next door. I moved to the edge of the deck to see our sexy single neighbor Kent out on his deck. He was steaming hot in his boxers and nothing else. His toned back looked warm in the soft moonlight. I think he’s only about ten years older and just turned thirty. They had a huge party when I was home visiting.

My thoughts were cut short when he turned and saw me. In that moment I saw the silhouette of his hard-on pushing his shorts out. My lady bits were very excited to see that.

“Hey Eva.” He half whispered.

“Hey Kent. Roommates keeping you up?” I asked as I walked over to the property line.

“Yup.” He chuckled. “In more ways than one.” He adjusted himself.

When my panties dampened, I remembered all I was wearing was panties and a thin white t-shirt. I’ve fantasized about Kent more than once, but he’s too old. At least he’s not married.

“Seems a common problem.”

“Oh?” He asked.

“Yes.” I sighed and realized he was staring at my hard nipples.

“Anything I can do to help?”

I narrowed my eyes as my pulse made it’s presence known. “Are you being inappropriate Kent?”

“Not at all. Just a good neighbor. You know if you need a cup of sugar or to borrow a hammer.” He shrugged.

“Neighborly.” I smiled and stepped up to his deck face to face. “In that case I could use something to help me sleep.”

“Warm milk? Whisky?” He asked breathing shallow.

“Your hard and I’m soaked, why waste it?”

“I want to, God I’d love to…”

“But?” I pulled my shirt off and lifted his hands to my breasts.

“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.” He said as he rolled my nipples between this thumbs and forefingers.

“Oh I’m not looking for a boyfriend Kent. You’re too old. Live sex toy? Yes.” I rubbed my hand over his covered length. “Shit yes. No strings.”

“I thought you were teasing.” He said looking adorably vulnerable, glancing at my panties. 

“Sopping.” I said as I slipped my panties off and held them up.

“Fuck.” Kent said as he dropped his pants and boxes. I bent over and held onto the deck railing, ready to receive his massive tool.

He ran his hands down my back to my round ass and parted me. “You weren’t joking.”

I moaned quietly as he pressed in from behind. The sweet thick sensation of being penetrated ignited the pleasure just waiting for this moment. “Kent feel free to fuck me hard.”

He moaned and pulled nearly out before slamming back in hard. All I could hear was the *clap* of his torso against my ass and the sound of my tightening pussy. I grunted my approval and my body flashed with need. He repeated the hard thrusts and I felt the tightening of my loins as he stroked me to climax.

“Oh fuck Kent I’m cumming.” I clamped down on him as he thrust and my pussy trembled.

“Shit.” He said as I felt his thick juices pour into my system while mine exited. The result was a sloppy mess. 

We regained our composure. I turned, picked up my wet panties and discarded t-shirt. I spouted off my cell number. “Text me if you’re horny and alone and I’ll ride you like a porn-star.”

“Do you turn your phone off at night?”

“No. Why?”

“I’ll probably wake you up in an hour with a text.” Kent picked up his boxers and slipped into his house.

I grinned and went to wait for his text. I wasn’t disappointed an hour later nor at seven in the morning…