Kindle Time

I set my kindle down and closed my eyes. The delicious sexy images from the words I just read roared through me. Being aroused is fun and I loved the feeling. The glorious heat that creeps through my body, the tingles and flashes of pleasure. Anticipation beating a steady rhythm in my ears as my heart hammers blood through me and flushing my body. I curbed my inclination to fondle and play with myself, there is fun to be had in being horny. I wiped the wet from between my legs and put my bright pink bikini on followed by a sundress. I grabbed my kindle, towel and bag of assorted accessories and went to find my friend Mia Malkova. She was waiting for me at the end of the path that lead down to the beach. This trip was her idea and she sprung it on me at the last minute. I couldn’t refuse since it was a gift and she made sure I had nothing better to do.

“Hey sexy.” Mia smiled, flashing her perfect white teeth. We were similar in build, long legs, hips that are wide enough to not be slim trendy. Flat stomach and high, perky breasts. Mine were a bit smaller but I had an ass that made up for it.

“Beach?” I asked. I loved sitting on the beach as the sun went down. When she looked sheepishly to the side, I knew what was coming.

“Um, I hope you don’t mind, but Alexandro…”

“Threes a crowd.” I smiled. He was a man she met and has hooked up with several times, him and two others. I didn’t actually mind. I was just going to read and watch half-naked men in the sun while fantasizing. “Honest I’m good with a chill-out day.”

“Thanks Eva.” She kissed my cheek and disappeared toward the cabana’s.

I grabbed some water and went to find a lounge. The resort was busy and crowded. Good for ogling hot bodies, not so good for finding a seat. I wandered up the beach toward the edge of the resort property. It was far enough away from the bar, restaurant, volleyball nets and boat dock that it was quiet. I could still see the action and have some moderate quiet to enjoy my books.

I settled into a lounge under the shade of some orange trees. Yes actual oranges. And turned my kindle on. I started reading some erotic journey of a married woman and her husband spicing things up with the new neighbour. It was rousing and detailed.

I set my kindle down, my insides writhing with need. The sun had set and I hadn’t even noticed. I was wet and uncomfortable. The beachgoers had almost disappeared toward a large bonfire at the other end too far for me to see in detail.

The story of the couple was followed by a cuckold tale and then a voyeur. I gathered my things to go change and join in the activities. Mia would be gone until morning, grinding some cock. I might as well have some fun dancing. As I packed up my things, a man approached. Not just any man but one I’d seen a few times since getting here three days ago. He had long blond hair, broad shoulders and a six pack that begged to be licked. I shook my head. He stopped in his tracks, looked my way and smiled.

“I’ve seen you around, what are you doing here alone?”

I smiled back. “I was reading and lost track of time. Why are you alone?” I was fishing, hoping he was alone. He was sporting a mighty fine bulge in his swim shorts.

“I needed a break from the constant chaos.” He gestured back down the beach.

I looked around pointedly. “It’s quiet here.”

“I’m Travis. May I sit?”

“Eva, and yes.” Yes in many ways more than just sitting. His eyes lingered in all the right places. I sat back and I swear the front of his shorts moved involuntarily. From his vantage he would see, I parted my legs just enough. The wet spot would be visible even in the dark. He moved to sit in the chair beside mine.

“Oh sorry, that one’s taken.”

He looked at me with an eyebrow raised and adjusted himself.

“Actually… They all are.” I was feeling excessively naughty for my own good.

“Where will I sit then?”

I pulled my legs up incidentally spreading them even further. “There. I made some room for you.”

“How thoughtful.” Travis sat and my eyes settled on the hard length of him begging for release.

I looked around. We were alone. Even if we were caught that would be exciting. I’ve always wanted to be caught.

“Maybe you can repay the favor and help me with my top. It’s caught in my hair.” I gestured to the tie of the strings behind my neck. He reached forward and deftly undid the neat bow. The top fell down and exposed my ample breasts.

“Oops.” He smirked. “I should cover them up for you.” His hands moved to my breasts as I quickly caught the massive bulge in his shorts grow to an indescribable mass.

He started rubbing and kneading my breasts as his mouth found mine. I ran my hands up his t-shirt and then down to his shorts. I slipped my hand behind the fabric and ran my hand over his eager length, thick and definitely the longest I’d ever seen. Fuck, yeah, this is going to be good. Hot, hard and jerking in my hand as he flexed. I normally fucked with condoms, but not tonight. I wanted this cock bad. No time to waste.

His mouth dropped down to a breast as his hand moved between my legs. I was frantic and pressed against his fingers as he pushed aside the wet fabric of my bikini bottom. I reached down to guide his tool in as his mouth came back to mine.

I’d had enough foreplay reading and occasionally rubbing my nipples that I was aching. I ran his giant tip through my folds to wet the head until he suddenly pushed in with all his might. I let out a loud moan and writhed. only about 3/4 of it fit, and its thickness made my knees go weak. Sex on a beach chair at night with a stranger. I read a naughty little story about that yesterday. This was better than reading about it.

As he worked his way in I wiggled my hips and slipped my hands up into his slightly too long blond hair. There is nothing that compares to being filled by a real cock. As Travis slowly pulled back I moaned into his mouth, chasing his tongue with mine. He eased back in, I broke the kiss and gasped loudly.

I pushed him down on a reclining beach chair and slithered my way to his ten inches. I almost had to stand up to get on top of it, and once I did, I let gravity take over and fell down on it. I couldn’t contain myself as I yelped with pleasure. “Sweet fuck.” I sat with my full ass facing his face and set to grinding as fast as I could. Up and down I went, riding like a cowgirl. By his moans and breathing, I knew I was doing ok. Clap, clap went the sound of pleasure for a few minutes before he took charge.

Flipping me over onto the beach chair, he smacked my ass once and then stretched my pussy with his cock, each thrust blinding me with pleasure. He went hard and fast.

“You’re so tight.”

“No,” I said in between moans, “You’re just… So fucking big.”

“Sweet fuck.” I raised my hips to meet his quick, full thrusts and closed my eyes. I could feel him rub every bit of me inside, the friction building a pleasure driven desperation. Judging by his grunts and hearty breathing, he was close. Travis pushed faster and the sudden release knocked my breath away. I struggled for air as my orgasm blinded me with pleasure. Three more strokes and Travis groaned loudly in my ear. We stayed still, Travis catching his breath and me finally able to take one. I opened my eyes to see him smiling at me with a come fuck me again look.

“Wanna go clean-up, get some food, dance, and find somewhere public to fuck again?”

Did I want to play with Travis? Gee let me think… “Yes.” I’d be an idiot to say no.

He moved off me. “Thank God. Though I wish I’d had the guts to talk to you sooner.”

“How public?” I was still stuck on the idea of being caught.

He laughed as he tucked himself away. “Let’s see if we can’t have someone accidentally watch us.”

I jumped up and grabbed my belongings. Maybe I’d be ditching Mia tomorrow.